WW2 Soldier Research Service

I offer a research service if you’d like to find out more about a soldier who served in the British Army during the Second World War. Many clients contact me after receiving a relative’s service record and being confronted with page after page of abbreviations and acronyms. I turn this jargon into a narrative history of the soldier’s service by combining the information found in their service record with war diaries held at the National Archives in London.

While many of my clients prefer a narrative history, I also provide a copying service if you are just after certain documents at the National Archives, British Library or Imperial War Museum. See below for more details.

Second World War Soldier Research Service

Below are the 5 stages of my comprehensive WW2 Research Service:

  • If you already have your soldier’s service record, you can email or post me the document. I can also help you order a service record.
  • Once I receive the service record, I will photograph the war diaries of the units which the soldier served in. War diaries will record the day-to-day activities and location of a unit and are the most important source of information after a service record.
  • I will also look for additional documents at the National Archives, British Library or Imperial War Museum.
  • Using the information contained in the service record and war diaries, I will write up a detailed report in narrative form. The majority of my reports are in excess of 5,000 words and will be comprehensive.
  • I then send you the information online or I can post it to you on a CD or USB stick.

I can provide you with an accurate estimate if you already have a service record. You can contact me using the email address below:


WW2 Copying Service

If you are just after certain documents, I offer a copying service. If you have a service record but can’t decipher which units a soldier served in, email me the document and I will help. As well as war diaries, I also photograph a lot of records relating to prisoner of war camps.  I visit the National Archives weekly so you won’t have long to wait!

WW2 War DiariesThe photograph above depicts a very large war diary for the 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment for 1941 which I photographed for a client. The actual war diary is only about 10% of the contents, with the rest containing a variety of orders, battle reports, maps, etc. My client wanted to find out more information about his father after ordering his service record. My client’s father was named in the war diary and even authored a couple of the Battalion’s intelligence reports.