This was just the service we were looking for. My family and I were so looking forward to receiving my Grandfather’s army service history from the MOD in Glasgow but those records were so short and the handwritten notes were hard to read. This service made sense of all the military records and brought together all the little pieces we knew to make one easy to read chronological summary of my Grandfather’s time in the army. We now know what life was like for him. We really appreciate the way historical commentary and insights were added to the summary narrative as it added colour and context. We would not hesitate to use this service again.

Lisa West

After both my parents had died, I needed to learn more about my mother’s military history during WW2. I was very fortunate to be able to hire the services of Rob Clark to do this. Even though my mother was a particularity challenging case to research, Rob Clark was most diligent in locating and interpreting all sorts of information that would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find myself. I cannot recommend a WW2 researcher more highly. Thanks, Rob!

Michael Hoppe

I am totally thrilled with the military research that Rob has done for me. I just would not have known where to start and was desperate to find out about my late Grandfather’s military history as a soldier in WW2. Thanks to Rob’s skill and expertise at navigating all the sources of information I now have a full picture of where my Grandfather went during his 5 years service, and even the location he was wounded. It was a very emotional and moving experience to read the report that Rob had written. I can’t express how grateful I am to Rob for his time, effort and expertise; he has given me a wonderful insight into my Grandfather as a young man and soldier. I’ve been able to look at this alongside the family history and narrative that I know and gain a deeper understanding of events and people.

I was delighted to know which medals my Grandfather was issued. I plan to get a replacement set and to wear them – on the appropriate side – at a Remembrance service in November at the church close to his original family home, and where his mother and father are buried. I also plan to take them to the Menin Gate, Ypres, when I next go and wear them during the act of remembrance at the Gate. It will be so poignant to have a focus in the medals to remember both my Grandfathers’ service during WW2 and his fellow pals and soldiers. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Rob via his website. His research and investigative skills are superb. He had made the whole process an absolute pleasure.

Elaine Mitchel-Hill, Granddaughter of a WW2 Soldier

My grandfather Reginald L. passed away when I was 16 years old. He never spoke to me about his past nor told me stories regarding the Second World War which he participated in. My grandmother gave me – before she passed away last year – some pictures, letters and information she received from him during the war. After the war, he came over to live in Belgium.  It was my burning desire to learn about my grandfather’s war history. I started to google…. dug a bit deeper…article …pictures…maps…..but it was clear that it was going to be very difficult (read impossible) to get the pieces of the puzzle all by myself.

The one thing that received all of my attention was Rob’s website….once reading it, it was crystal clear to me! It felt like an angel that was sent by my grandfather… As of the moment I’ve contacted Rob, this feeling only amplified. Thanks to Rob’s amazing research skills and his passionate digging work I’m feeling so blessed and amazed with the documents he provided!  There is no way I’ve could have found it all by myself. But Rob did. And I’m 1000% sure he can help YOU as well. Don’t hesitate, I highly recommend his approach and professional help.      

Tom B, from Belgium, Grandson of Reginald L, WW2 Private

Thank you so much for all the fascinating information and for going into such detail too, I’m going to enjoy re-reading it and looking over the maps & diaries, I had no idea about the Pioneer Corps! Thank you so much for the narrative as it makes it all makes much more sense than anything I could have tried to work out from looking over the service record, etc. myself, and the snippets about the Stukas dive-bombing and the enemy machine guns and so on gave me goosebumps – so much more vivid than just a list of dates. Many many thanks and I will be wholeheartedly recommending you to others!

Emma Longworth

My Father wrote some of his war time memoirs of the almost 7 yrs he served with the British army. During this time he was initially a part of the home guard before being posted to the Middle East and then to Europe. During his service, he transferred between regiments, Corps and Brigades all of which I personally find somewhat confusing. I re-read the memoirs after them sitting on my bookcase for many years and decided I wanted to know more, unfortunately by this time my father had passed away.

As I now live in Australia I was not able to personally visit any British archives and had only the internet as my resource. I found researchingww2.co.uk and contacted Rob to see what could be done if anything. I now have the full picture and understanding of my father’s war service thanks to him. He undertook all the research and forwarded it to me across the world.

At all times Rob has been highly professional, dedicated and thorough in his work, more importantly he has always been friendly, approachable and helpful. From first contact, he indicated a cost which I found to be very reasonable and at the conclusion of his work the price was the same. If you, like me, are seeking information but are not sure how to get it then contact Rob I highly recommend him.

John Cowburn Australia

Thank you very much for the comprehensive and detailed information. My Dad never spoke about his war experiences, so it’s given me a good insight into his wartime exploits. Your costs for this service are very reasonable and I would encourage others who are trying to research their family military history to use your service.

John Mills, Son of a WWII Soldier

For many years I had wanted to obtain the war diaries of my father during his service abroad in World War 2. However, I was not familiar with obtaining access to these records or of how to copy them. I therefore always kept putting off the task as being too daunting or too expensive or both. I then contacted this researcher who quickly and efficiently photographed for me the 1000 pages which made up the relevant diaries and then gave me a link so I could download them. So about a week after I had first contacted him I had everything available to me and saved on my PC. The size and photographic quality of the jpeg files is superb which means they are capable of reasonable enlargement to help identify any poor handwriting in the originals and the price was very reasonable for so much work. I am therefore keen to recommend this researcher to anyone else thinking about doing the same.

Peter J Bilbrough